the Kindergarten Classroom

Starting school can be very exciting but at the same time stressful for many young children. We want to make starting school an enjoyable process for your little one(s). This journey should be filled with successful and happy experiences and we have developed a program that focuses both on hands-on learning learning as well as structured exploration opportunities.

Daily Program:

Our Kindergarten program is designed to prepare your little one  for the elementary years ahead. We teach all subjects such as English, Math, Islamic Studies, Science, Art, and Gym. We strive to give students a balanced day of learning and play.

The day begins with morning entry and greeting, along with circle time. All of our friends are encouraged to participate, as this is a great time to share thoughts, opinions, experiences, and stories to the whole group.

We structure our mornings with Language and Math. In these classes the children are following teacher directed instructions, and learning is enforced with the use of reading and writing centers.  In the afternoons we transition into learning through exploration, play and social interactions. Outdoor time is an essential component of our program. Fresh minds lead to healthy learning!

In Islamic studies our students learn Qaida, Surahs, Duas, and listen to stories of the Prophets. They enjoy listening to and singing nasheeds, as well as, Quran throughout the day.

Our students have gym classes, and do creative art experiences regularly. This includes; colouring, cutting and pasting, painting, and using different materials to engage creatively.

During play time our students have plenty of options. From dressing up as chefs at our play kitchen, or playing with educational puzzles, this time is designed to teach students to learn through play and to reinforce social skills.

All children are required to bring healthy snacks and lunches, along with a water bottle to keep their tummies full throughout the day. 

As part of the school program, the kindergarten children participate in presenting at assemblies, attend school field trips, bake sales and school lunches, and lots more fun activities.

Every day in Kindergarten is a new adventure! We look forward to meeting your shining stars and helping them transition into their schooling journey.