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We are pleased to announce that Mufti Abdullah Mangera has now joined our team. He will guide the Islamic Studies Program with the Teachers. We look forward to the knowledge, new style of teaching and techniques that he will bring to our school. We are grateful to have him on board.

This year we have revised our Islamic Studies program such that it enhances and reinforces learning skills needed to succeed in reading Qaida/Qur’an. The idea is not to be a replacement for Madressa but instead to give the students a fair amount of learning that they could progress year by year. Parents who prefer additional studies may consider the evening Madressa program at Abu Bakr Masjid.

Our Islamic classes are one hour blocks. In that time students will be learning, surahs, dua’s and Qaida/Qur’an.


Sr. Sulha Abovath   Kindergarten

Sr. Faaiza Bulbulia  Grade 1 and 2

Sr. Yasmina Khota  Grade 3 & 4

Sr. Farhana Pahad Grade 5/6 & 7

Islamic Studies program for Kindergarten will consist of:

The goal in kindergarten is to introduce and reinforce letter acquisition and sound formation. We want to ensure that students understand the phonetics first before moving on. With time and proficiency, blending of sounds and reading of words will begin. Students in kindergarten will be using Qaida.

In addition the beginning surahs will be taught, along with common practice dua’s such as when eating, or using the bathroom. Furthermore, games, story time and hadith will engage your little one’s.

Islamic Studies program for Gr. 1 to 6 will consist of:

Alternate Lesson and Review Days:

To better assist our students in the progression of their studies, we have now introduced a new method of teaching. The idea is to foster the skills they need to excel in their ability to read proficiently.

We want to adapt an errorless method of teaching which prevents students from repeating common errors. To ensure we do this, we will teach new lessons every other day and review every day in between, Monday to Thursday. Review days will consist on correcting errors and ensuring students are mastering their lessons in Qaida/Qu’ran before moving on to the next. This will also allow teachers more time to listen to students pray and provide them with learning tools that are much needed. Please contact your child’s teacher to know more about the learning criteria.


The approach on Friday will consist of teaching their Islamic studies book, having Islamic discussions based on what students want to talk about, practical’s on wudu and salaat, playing games and/or watching Islamic videos. This year we will be using the My Faith Islam Series to teach ‘Aqa’id, Akhlaaq, Ad’iyah wa Adaab, Qasas al Ambiya, Sirat an Nabi, and Tarikh Al Islam. This series is designed to have student, teacher and parent involvement. Pleas ensure that you take the time to look over the lesson your child is on, and doing the part required. This information will be given to you weekly in your child’s agenda.

Islamic Studies program for Gr. 7 will consist of:

Seerah of Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w)

We are happy to notify you that this year Mufti Abdullah will be teaching the Gr. 7’s Seerah. This will take place every Monday. Students will be using the book entitled, Muhammad: His life Based on Earliest Sources by Martin Lings.

Memorization and Tafsir

Students will be required to memorize and translate common surahs and dua’s.

Salat and Wudu

A more extensive approach on Salaat and Wudu will be taught. Students will be evaluated more.


A deeper focus on fiqh as it pertains to age and gender will also take place.