In grade 2 our students continue to develop in all subjects. In Language our students learn to share ideas and personal experiences with others. For example, as they continue learning and improving on their writing skills they get to think about how their own stories compare with their friends’ stories. By further developing listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, your child will create, write and type their stories and use their language skills to help others. Your child will discover new words by sounding them out, thinking about how the words are used in sentences and reading passages. They will identify main characters, places and events and will invent stories from beginning to end.

There’s so much diversity in teaching math as there is in learning math itself. Grade 2 students continue to explore this subject with more hands on opportunities. Some of the mathematical concepts that we touch upon in this grade include; measuring length using centimeters and meters, counting money, organizing objects into categories, establishing and measuring temperature change, and describing probability, just to name a few. To establish a strong mathematical repertoire, it is essential to make it a common daily practice. This helps build the foundations needed as they transition throughout the year and to other grades.

Social Studies at  this grade level allows students to develop the understanding of their community and begin to look at global communities as well. The curriculum consists of two strands in grade 2; Changing Families and Community Traditions as well as, Global communities. Students will examine the relationships between location, climate, physical features and how people live in various communities. Your child will learn how a variety of traditions have helped shape Canada to be the country it is today.

From Astronomy to Life Sciences, second grade Science explores many avenues. Science is such a vast subject as it takes into account both literacy and numeracy. Students use critical thinking skills to assess, analyze and evaluate. They consider language and facts used to deepen their understanding of a topic.

We continue to enjoy all the other subjects like Art and Physical and Health Education. Our students participate in day to day school activities as well as bigger projects such as assemblies.

Grade 2 is a wonderful year and we work hard to make all the students stronger learners and achievers!