Grade 6 students continue to develop Language Arts skills, by reviewing what has been studied in previous years and presenting new material.  Students examine compositions, looking more closely at uses of nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs.  Story narratives and precise descriptive writing are part of the academic expectations for students in this grade. They are challenged to think outside the box and explore novel ways of learning through critical thinking and questioning.


Students in grade six are introduced to algebraic manipulations. Grade 6 will prepare students for a more comprehensive experience of algebra in Grades 7 and 8. Concepts may include: balancing equations, order of operations, negative numbers, roots, exponents, and they continue to look at the properties of addition and multiplication.


In Science students explore Biodiversity and how this impacts the world that we live in. An interesting topic that students particularly enjoy learning about is Flight as they are able to explore how flight evolved into modern day aviation. The exploration of electricity and electrical devices allow for a more hands-on approach to student directed learning. Similarly, through our study of Space, students are able to also tie in elements of Islamic studies and the creation of the universe.

Social Studies

In Social Studies students go into details about Communities in Canada both in the Past and Present as this is a great introduction to relevant topics that will be explored in Grade 7 and 8 History classes.