the grade 7 classroom

Grade 7 is both an exciting and challenging time for students to explore the world and take learning in a whole new direction. This year students are expected to take on a more active role in their learning by building on their independent thinking and learning skills. Academically the curriculum focuses heavily on problem solving and allowing students the opportunity to construct critical thinking skills that will them in their future studies. Grade 7 marks the transition from elementary school to middle school and is truly seen as the bridge for students between their journey as prior elementary students and future high school students.

Language & Literacy

Students in grade 7 read and analyze a variety of texts utilizing different reading strategies for the purpose of composing meaning and significance. They begin to comprehend what they have read in depth and reflect on the major literary themes present within the text. Students will also extend their comprehension of texts by making more thorough text to self and text to world connections.


The grade 7 math curriculum focuses heavily on reasoning and problem solving using critical and analytical thinking skills. Students are asked to represent and communicate their findings in a variety of methods utilizing different mathematical conventions. As students’ progress through the year they will develop a greater understanding of mathematical properties and relationships allowing them to be well prepared for the grade 8 math curriculum.


Students will be exploring a variety of scientific inquires that will enable them to grasp a better understanding of the world around them. By focusing on the big ideas of structures, energy and matter students will develop a thorough knowledge base about the varying and continual role of science in our daily lives.


The grade 7 history curriculum discusses the historical significance and perspective of significant events that have transpired and/or altered history. By studying the factors leading to these critical events students are able to comprehend and formulate questions about how times have changed or remained constant in spite of historical events.

The grade 7 geography curriculum investigates patterns and processes within the environment that shape the earth. Students will focus on how the world around them is shaped physically and the barriers or limitations caused by human interactions.