the grade 5 classroom


In grade five the academic ability of student’s leaps to more complex concepts. Most students have now established good learning habits and are motivated to begin more detailed independent work assignments.

In language students practice composition through oral and written retelling of stories heard in class. The aim is for Grade 5 students to state information precisely and clearly.  They create outlines as a base for writing, learn the structure of paragraphing and proofread rough drafts for punctuation, spelling and grammar errors. They are encouraged to look up misspelled words in the dictionary. In daily reading, students read silently, working on comprehension and finding the main themes of paragraphs or stories.  Through presentations to classmates and dramatic readings they further develop their oral reading skills.


Grade 5 Math is a period of consolidation and review to ensure all students have a solid grasp of the necessary skills and concepts which will be used in more complex mathematics in the years ahead.  In addition to review of all skills studied previously, further work is done with fractions.  Students begin to work with the decimal system in the review of skills previously studied, including measurements, addition, subtraction, long multiplication and division.

Geometry is introduced as students draw, freehand, geometric figures such as different types of triangles, concentric forms and polygons, and discuss the relationship of the various shapes to one another. The basic language of geometry is introduced and visually depicted, including: circles (circumference, radius); horizontal, vertical and perpendicular lines; classification of triangles by sides and interior angles; and squares.


In Science students explore Human Organ Systems and explore the anatomy of the human body and how it correlates with all the systems of the body. They also explore Forces Acting on Structures and Mechanisms and this is done through hands-on interactive building experimentations. Students also begin to understand Properties of and Changes in Matter and the Conservation of Energy and Resources in order to protect our natural resources.

Social Studies

In Social Studies students go into details about First Nations and Europeans in New France and Early Canada in preparation of learning History in grade 7 and 8. They also explore in depth the Role of Government and Responsible Citizenship and what it means to be an active member of society.