the grade eight classroom

Language & Literacy

Students in grade 8 continue to improve on their reading skills acquisition by challenging themselves to read complex stories and think about higher order questions. Students are able to work in novel study groups to read and analyze a variety of texts and work to analyze the various thematic elements present in the stories. Students are also beginning to learn about literary devices in order to prepare for the intensive learning that will occur in high school.  


The grade 8 math curriculum also requires students to critically think and problem solve in a variety of different ways using a vast array of strategies. Students are asked to represent their thinking in diverse forms of learning which will allow them to use mental math processes to solve a variety of problems. As they progress throughout the year they will be able to apply these mathematical strategies to help them analyze different mathematical concepts.


Students will be investigating and surveying scientific questions in order to explore and find meaning about the world around them. By exploring how different elements work together to function, students will develop a solid foundation that will enable them to explore the various scientific concepts present in grade 9.  


The grade 8 history curriculum also discusses the historical significance and perspective of significant events that have transpired and/or altered history. Students are able to ask thought provoking questions that they can then explore in an interactive manner. Similarly, the grade 8 geography curriculum investigates how the natural environment impacts the world we live in and correspondingly how the lifestyle choices we make impact the surrounding land we live on.