The following is the fee schedule for the school year 2018– 2019.

Initial Fees: Non-Refundable

  1. Registration Fee: New Applicants Only                                              $25.00
  2. Supply Fee:  Workbooks and School Materials (All  Grades)          $300.00

Tuition Fees:

  • 1 Student –   $275/month
  • 2 Students – $530/month
  • 3 Students – $770/month
  • 4 Students – $1010/month
  • 5 Students – $1250/month

 (Please make cheques payable to: Scarborough Muslim Association)

A charge of $25.00 for NSF cheques will be applied.  Student will not be allowed to attend school until accounts are cleared.   Please note once the cheque is deposited it will not be refunded if the students do not return.  Please also note that a student withdrawn from school at the beginning, during or at the end of a month for any reason, by parents or by school, will not be refunded partial or full fee for the month.